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Physical Exams, Well Checks, &

Sports Physicals and DOT EXAMS (we are nationally registered)


Do I Need a Physical?

 Spring and summer are good times to get your annual physical exam done.


Why do you need a wellness exam?

There are many diseases that have little or no symptoms. You can have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even diabetes for years before any symptoms develop. A complete physical exam along with some simple blood tests can help to catch these and other diseases before they cause problems. Your yearly physical is also a good time to sit down and discuss other issues that pertain to your overall health, including a healthy diet and daily exercise. No matter how healthy you may feel, a visit to your healthcare provider once a year for "maintenance" is always a good idea.


It is important that you pay attention to requirements of your insurance company and/or school/sport/job.


A few important notes:

1.Many insurance companies will pay for one full physical (preventive) exam for adults and adolescents per year. If you schedule before 12 months have passed, your insurance will not pay.

2.Standard child well visits for younger children may occur at an interval less than yearly.

3.School sports, band, other athletic events, and Boy Scouts typically require a yearly exam. Please note the deadlines for the date they MUST be completed and the EARLIEST date that they can be completed. Waiting until late summer makes it difficult to meet school deadlines.

4.Please bring any required forms with you for your physical. Common forms include work clearance, UIL Athletic, Boy Scout forms, etc. Prior to your visit, complete all sections that you are required to complete.

5.The focus of an Annual Physical Exam is wellness and prevention. This includes health screening discussion, risk review, diet and exercise counseling, general health counseling, comprehensive physical exam, appropriate screening labs, and vaccination review and update. Your age, general health, and risk factors are utilized to determine appropriate additional evaluations. If you have specific chronic or acute illness to be dealt with in addition to the annual exam, there may be an additional charge, or it may require a separate visit.



We do vaccines for ages 4 to 18.


We also offer TESTOSTERONE testing and BioTE testosterone therapy as well.